Wholesale Inquiries

Occasionally I do some wholesaling. This rarely happens between May and September as I am too busy with stock for my booth. There are two ways I will do wholesaling during other times of the year:

-If you want to pick out 24 (or more) of the shirts that are currently on the website (which are in stock and available), send me an e-mail at greg@dyemonster.com with the product numbers of those shirts and I will give you a 40% discount and free shipping. I will send you an invoice via PayPal and will ship upon payment (which really needs to be within 72 hours so I can keep the website up to date). 

-If you want 24 (or more) of a particular design (you can have different sizes and color schemes), send me an e-mail at greg@dyemonster.com with your specs and I will make you an offer. This will usually be somewhere from a 25-40% discount depending on the design. If you are interested, I will send you a paypal invoice with terms - I typically require a 50% deposit with complete payment prior to shipping. The turnaround time will typically be anywhere from 14-21 days (plus shipping time) depending on my stock of blanks and schedule.

Wholesale minimum is typically 24 shirts. Make an offer if you wish. I'm a real person with a sweet wife and five cats to feed, and I will try to be reasonable! Thank you!