Dollhouse Miniature Accessories

It's for the Dollhouse Miniature Enthusiast! Get them while they last!

Dollhouse Miniature Accessories
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Aug 06, 2020


There is a huge bin filled with delightful Dollhouse Miniature accessories of various scales waiting to find a good caring home! Once the bin is empty, ALL will be gone!
Each individual piece is $1.00. You receive 15 pieces, plus a bonus. Some may come in sets, but most are single, or attached to another mini. They are all in excellent condition and the value of each piece is beyond the offer I am making. There's another offer for 25 pieces in this store as well, so look for it!
At one time, Dollhouse Miniatures were for play, today, they are spread out within the 'Collector's' world. 
To me, each piece creates a story on their own, or brings memories of a more pleasant moment in life, as well as an inspiration for those that have the desire to create a Room Box, a Diorama, to finish a Dollhouse, to start a project, or just collect for their grandchildren to enjoy.

If you would like to view a few of the pieces in action, get on YouTube and search for Sedrouls Emporium channel. It's a short video.

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