Dollhouse Miniature Accessories II

Delightful Dollhouse Miniature Accessories in various scales (Not Playscale)

Dollhouse Miniature Accessories II
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Aug 06, 2020


These Dollhouse Miniature accessories are in great condition and are worth above what I am offering them for.
This is the 25 piece bag offer at $1.00 per piece. Some come in sets, but most are single piece, or attached to other minis.
I have many themes and each piece can inspire to finish your Dollhouse, a Room Box, a Display, a Diorama, etc. 
And at times, when we run out of ideas, the piece will inspire you to gather ideas! I select all minis, sorry.
Take a peek at all the other items listed under Miniatures in the store.
Dollhouse Miniatures use to be in the playing arena, but today, it's more in the Collector's arena.
**Not for children. Many of the miniatures are very small pieces.

*Take a moment to review th Policies page and The-Miniaturists page.

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