I'm Your Light...Sort Of

You need to check inside of a small box? I think we bright letters can help!

I'm Your Light...Sort Of
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Dec 06, 2020


This Giant Scrabble game is getting out of hand! Have you noticed? 
I can see these in the dark while playing the Giant game, as I'm shuffling for letters...But so can my challenger and everyone else!! Even the cat!

Place these glow-in-the-dark letters in direct sunlight for 10 minutes or so, or near a lamp... And then go at it!!
Try scaring the willies out of some family members, or your neighbor, in the dark while dressed in black...They will swear they see words floating in mid air!!

*Take a moment to review the Policies page and The-Miniaturists page.

Contact Info:  ChakraBible@gmail.com

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