The Royal Celestials

Predict my the Tarot card.

The Royal Celestials
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Aug 06, 2020


Each tag has a different charm, to show you how charming they are! So choose YOUR charm! 
These tags are different in their geometric form. Not for little ones.
The Sun, in it's golden glory is 2 3/4' in height and a little over 1 3/4" in width. Bronzed all up to remind you how beneficial the sun is, along with silver sparkles to light up your day! This is the light of action, drive and intimate passion! Think Fire Signs.
The Moon is full of secrets and mystical magic and moods, with its infused blends of the aqua green and ocean blues, it's 2 1/4" in height and 1 1/2 " in width, showing a peek of what may be the sun through a crescent moon and a 5 point star behind them. Think Water Signs.
The Royal Crown is an opulent sign that includes "Don't tread on me!" it's the action of getting to that glorious height even if you have to bump someone off!  It's a little over 2 1/2" in height and a little under 1 1/2" wide. The golden crown has its own imitation of a ruby nestled on the very top of it and it's infused with holographic flakes to remind you of diamonds, and bronzed in red to indicate action!  Think Air Signs.
(We will address Earth Signs at another Episode)

These tags are great gift for anyone on the go! Use them on backpacks, baby bag, bicycles, keychains, suitcases...Use your imagination!

I do have to say, that on top of each tag being extremely useful, 
you can also assign it as a defense tool...You know what I mean? hmmm?

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