SharPharMade Shipping Policy


Shipping Policy

Shipping is based upon 'Carrier Rate Shipping' Current Prices (Always Subject to USPS, Fed-X, UPS, or Any Shipper used, Changes). Tracking and Delivery Confirmation will ALWAYS be attached, with shipping, to confirm the delivery. I will ALWAYS try to use whichever is the lesser shipping charge; unless the buyer have a certain preference (It will be considered; and buyer is to pay any extra cost, if required, for their preferred shipping).

More on Shipping** 
· Due to these new EU rules/laws (that I do not quite understand, or cannot agree with some parts); I NO LONGER provide Worldwide Shipping.*  Any interested parties, in these non-included Countries, are welcome to contact me to see if any legit arrangement can be made.

· I will continue to ship within the U.S.A., to and to Canada.  Other non-EU Countries will be added back, as I find out their identity.  I am sorry for any inconvenience.  Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, PO Box, APO/FPO/DPO, and, even, some International Countries, may cost a little more, for some items (so please ask, and, if needed, wait for invoice, if you reside in either of these places). 

* HOWEVER, I DO RESERVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE THE DECISION NOT TO SHIP, ANYWHERE; WHERE CONFIRMED DELIVERY IS NOT AVAILABLE; OR IF THE ESTIMATED SHIPPING COST THAT I MADE, FOR AN ITEM(S) EXCEEDS THE VALUE THAT I ESTIMATED (ESPECIALLY, FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS)!** As for the estimated shipping difference, I will give the buyer the option to pay the difference; however, if the buyer chooses not to, I will issue a FULL REFUND (including shipping paid by the buyer).  If I make the decision, not to ship where confirmed delivery is not available; I will, immediately, provide a FULL REFUND (any shipping charges paid, by the buyer, will be included).  I am sorry for any inconvenience.

**P.S. If shipping is charged, on any two, or more, items, purchased; combined shipping is provided, where possible (even, if I have to do so, as a partial refund, after purchase). I will charge only the actual shipping cost, plus any additional fees (e.g. insurance, etc.), ONLY. It is not my practice to make any additional profit off of any shipping costs.  If you pay shipping, and I find that the shipping paid was more than it, actually, costs to ship, a product(s); I will, immediately, process a refund, for the difference.

. To reiterate ... If there is anyone else interested, in an item, that is from a Country not listed, here, feel free to contact me, and we can chat.

NOTE: Duties, customs, taxes, and other shipping charges, by your Country (International, etc.) ARE YOUR responsibility!

IMPORTANT NOTE: *****Most of my handmade items are small, and light, enough to fit into an envelope; and that is how most items will be shipped. If you prefer a box, for shipping; then, please, inquire, or let me know, and wait on an invoice for a re-calculated shipping charge, prior to paying. If I do not hear from you, prior to, or immediately, after you make a purchase; it will be assumed, and agreed, that you do not mind the item being shipped, in an envelope. Thank you. 

P.S. Insurance must be requested prior to shipping. For anything under $20.00, if you want insurance, and it is not in the description of the item, that you purchase; please do NOT pay, until an invoice can be drawn up, to include the cost of insurance. Any purchase that is $20.00, or over, will, automatically, include insurance; that will be paid by me, for my protection, as well as yours. To reiterate, shipping will, always, include tracking, and 'Delivery Confirmation.' On large purchase amounts, usually, $20 and over; 'Signature Confirmation' will, also, ALWAYS be required, upon delivery. Thank you.

P.S. Be sure to read my other policies regarding refunding, returns, exchanges, and other pertinent information.