Kaleidoscope Nook

This is one in a series of my "Bag with a View" in a 1:12 scale. The scenes are made and housed in a bag with a window for everyone to see, and for few to touch! This particular display, "Kaleidoscope Nook" is best viewed in the dark under a blue light. It is a Kaleidoscope of colors in a whimsical setting.

Kaleidoscope Nook
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Aug 03, 2013


These "bags" can be personalized and given as gifts or tokens of appreciation, and they can have lighting, if requested. "Kaleidoscope Nook' is made of varied woods, paints, paper, tissue paper, woodies, a miniature chair and arrangement of flowers on a ceramic bowl. A glow medium has been applied to most pieces. If display is placed under direct sunlight or light source, it can be viewed in the dark, or with a blue light. The effects are mystical and surprising. The bag has three walls that are wallpapered, felt flooring, books, a hutch, and other miniatures, as well as an area rug. The top of the "ceiling" holds an array of colored tissue paper. The "bag" can be carried to the recipient in mind!

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