Toile de Moi

Lady Prim has recently removed her fancy multicolored polka-dotted shoes and ready to have her Oriental soup. She's on a diet. Her cat, Autumn, is busy attempting to reach for the ball of yarn that Lady Prim keeps placing in different areas of the house, but Autumn always seems to know where it is... hmmmmmm... catnip?

Toile de Moi
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Aug 15, 2013


Many are incorrect about the Victorian era and the designs of that time. You could tell if a family was well-off by the items they housed. One of the many items were imported products from the Orient. The furniture we so commonly see as "Victorian" was actually what we today consider Flea Market finds. The wealthy housed furniture from Germany that was masculine in design to last a lifetime. The chair parts on this display were removed and fabric matching the table was placed instead of the original red hard imitation suede. The table has three layers of fabric, commonly used during the Victorian era, and on the table there is a large black Oriental ceramic pot accompanied by the cultural bowl, and a soup spoon made from aluminum gauged sheet. The floor has a marbleized affect of silvery grays and black. The setting is placed on a 6 1/2 round plaque with black ribbon around it. The bottom of the plaque has fabric to prevent damage to any surface where the display may be placed. Done in a 1:12 scale. One-of-a-kind!

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