Mr. & Mrs. Minnow have just purchased this small, but grande, unattached 1900 Town House that mimics their style and colors. The manicured landscape sold them, and they are in the process of furnishing and re-doing the inside to update their mini-mansion.

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Aug 16, 2013


This particular Town House was made into a template from another one that was broken in a 1:144 scale. It is made of hardwood and balsa wood. The landscape is made with various pieces from Scenic Landscape. The tree is made of wire, wood and a leftover scenic bush. The house is a lovely blue and the windows are trimmed in gold, as well as the pillars. The Town House has two floors and furnishings are being delivered and placed where the Minnow's believe they should be placed. Their brand new car is on the property. This Town House comes with a covered acrylic box with a removable top. Due to an error (human) on one of the walls, this item has been reduced from the original price of $40. It is a great conversation piece!

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