Why Choose Articents?

Articents is an online marketplace for independent craftsman, designers and collectors to market and sell your products online. Our goal is to provide a low cost and effective alternative to the many other sites out there, so that you can keep more of the profits for yourself and grow your business.

It's Affordable and Easy to Use

Optional Free Version

Yes, free as in no listing fees, no commissions on sales and no monthly usage charges. Zero. Of course, you're missing out on some valuable features and tools, but you can always upgrade later if you decide to use them.

Available Upgrade

For just $5.00 per month, you will unlock many powerful features that will help save time and allow you to personalize your store. There are no long term contracts to sign and you may cancel at any time.

Your Experience

We take great pride in making things as easy to use as possible. We do this by listening to feedback from our customers and by watching them interact with the tools so that we can continuously improve upon them.

In fact, Articents is custom written from the ground up and is not constrained by any third party platform like Wordpress or Joomla. This gives us complete control to make any change, whether it be big or small, so that we can serve you better.

Your Customer's Experience

Easy Checkout Process

Your customers are not required to create a user account when they make a purchase from your store. We believe that this is frustrating for people and it will lead to lost sales and missed opportunities for everyone.

Your Customers are your customers

Our customers are YOU! We will dedicate our time to serve you as best as we can, and we will never attempt to solicit your customers with "special offers" or sell their personal information to third parties. That's just wrong on so many levels.

Secure Payment Transactions

Since all payment transactions are handled by a third party, we never see or record your customer's credit card or bank account information. In fact, we don't even handle the funds involved in a sale - they will go directly to your account from the customer and we only get notified when the transfer was a success.

Your Experience

Your Dashboard

We've created a suite of tools to help you easily manage your Articents presence. This includes your Profile, Product Inventory, Photos and Sales History. Your Dashboard also contains a Newsfeed of recent activities along with your current profile settings and various reports so that you can quickly see what is going on at your store.

Your Store

You will have your very own store located at http://www.articents.com/your-store-name where you can send all of your customers to. You will also be able to create categories for your products to help keep them organized for your customers.


Premium store owners will have the ability to customize the look and feel of their stores. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Selecting a custom background for your store
  2. Choosing a personalized banner
  3. A search option that only searches items from your store
  4. Create additional pages within your store